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Key Features of Grabby HX715 Red

  • 2 Channels
  • Up/Down
  • Left/Right
  • Forward Automatically
  • Easy to fly

Grabby HX715 Red :
2 Channel Radio Control Features : One channel controls the speed of the main rotor. The second channel controls the tail rotor speed so the helicopter can turn or yaw left & right. Entry level RC Helicopter, Suitable for children for the first time engage on RC helicopter. Left side of remote control is to control the speed, you can control the helicopter up and down. Start with small speed at beginning of flying, to avoid big ups and downs. The right side of remote control control the direction of left and right. It is a very simple and easy operate RC helicopter toy which most suitable for those children as a entry level. Tip: Avoid unattended for long periods, should stop flying off the fuselage and the remote control power switch! Remote itself with a USB cable can charge to aircraft. Recommended rechargeable battery for recharge once battery finished.